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"Not a huge fan of shopping luxury goods online but was a decent experience. Loved the way my bags were procured (I got a Be Dior and Hermes Birkin Croco handbag.) and there was complete support from staff which was courteous. The delivery was late because of the customs hold up but my order arrived pretty fast after that. Great experience!" - Jasbeen Verma, Order# 1907612435


"I placed my third order with the exuberant store last week and it's hard to believe I've got the best deal for third time in a row! Normally I am not that lucky! I've ordered Stella Mccartney sneaker, Fendi fur sneaker a Gucci GG supreme backpack for an overseas trip and the whole experience was just fabulous. Can't wait to be lucky the fourth time! Will definitely order R&R eden pumps when I am back!" - Order#1907612390-7 Ginni Malik


"Very nice selection of tshirts and luxury clothing. I got Gucci Oxford Formal Shoes, Burberry Leather jacket and Armani Tee. The order arrived in less than 2 weeks and the size was also very good. Genuine product!" Order# 1907612733-1 - exu - Liaquath Khan


"Someone pinch me! I literally screamed when I opened my package! Authentic authentic authentic products! I ordered a D&G jacket, a Chanel necklace, a Burberry Leather jacket for my cousin and a Gucci GG Tote bag! Everything was very well packaged and it even smelled good! It's taken my breath away! More orders on the way! Already recommended to my friends!" 107613598-2 exu store - Sanchika Aggarwal


"I have huge respect for the procurement department of The Exuberant Store! I've globetrotted a lot and have never found these deals except for maybe US (more in west coast to be precise) and Dubai. I was very hesitant to order at first but it was serendipity I guess! Extremely satisfied with my purchase of LV Zephyr trolley, Gucci Slide slipper and LV multiple wallet. 110% authentic! I've ordered LV artsy bag! I'm hoping to get it before 23rd! 4.99/5 for you guys!" 107614581 - Vikrant Sharma


"My Moschino barbie Moto jacket bag is to die for! 100% original! Never got a delivery faster. My other order for chanel flap bag, flats and salvatorre ferragamo ballerinas came 2 days late by courier but totally worth the wait! Exuberant store rocks! Thank you!" 107608297-1 - exu store - Mansi Choksi


"Unrealistically realistic. My hubby is in awe! Such a great deal on Bottega venta wallet I gifted him for his birthday last month and 3 days ago I received my LV Eva clutch! Absolutely stoked with the quality and authenticity. A big thank you to the customer care who are very polite and so helpful!" 107614330 exu store - Shweta Garg


"First of all, a big thank you to the staff at exuberant store for my request to deliver my order in a timely manner. In my online shopping experience this was one of the best. I ordered a lot of stuff from the exuberant store (Gucci GG slipper, Ferragamo adjustable belt, Tom Ford polo t-shirt and in my second order it was Burberry Check Jacket- , Giorgio Armani Leather Jacket and Prada Jeans (order#1907612797). Great quality, expensive but original materials. So happy and will surely come back to shop. Thank you." 1907612708 exu - Achu rajamani - he is a south music director